04 February Tue. 20:30

Hedda Gabler / Sold Out

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

13 February Thu. 20:30

Leipzig Opera and Choir & Music Youth Orchestra and Choir for Peace

Concert @ENKA Auditorium

18 February Tue. 20:30

Borusan Quartet & Andreas Ottensamer

Concert @ENKA Auditorium

25 February Tue. 20:30

Lal Hayal

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

03 March Tue. 19:30

Life is Elsewhere

Exhibition @Art Gallery

03 March Tue. 20:30

The God of Violance

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

10 March Tue. 20:30

Photograph 51

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

24 March Tue. 20:30

Yıldız's Stars

Concert @ENKA Auditorium

31 March Tue. 20:30

House of the Century

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

07 April Tue. 20:30

The Little Sparrow - Edith Piaf

Theater @ENKA Auditorium

09 April Thu. 20:30


Theater @ENKA Auditorium

add 2020-04-09 20:30:00 2020-04-09 21:30:00 Europe/Istanbul Neyzen The life story of Neyzen Tevfik Kolaylı, one of the largest satyr masters of Turkey, put on the stage with Burak Sergen's solo performance. The story of famous poet's whole life from opening his eyes to life in Bodrum where his father was exiled to his childhood years that he met with reed flute, from his youth that he gives voice to oppression and repression, to his deportation years with prominent poets and writers of the time…[...] ENKA Auditorium ENKA Sanat info@enkasanat.org

10 April Fri. 20:30

Dans in Spring

Performance @ENKA Auditorium

add 2020-04-10 20:30:00 2020-04-10 21:30:00 Europe/Istanbul Dans in Spring MSGSÜ IDK Contemporary Dance Department which established in 1992 as a pioneer of contemporary dance training unit is based on teaching methods focused on body-mind-energy balance and is committed to contribute to the original artistic and intellectual development of its students. In the Dance in Spring, a group show at the end of the year, Contemporary Dance Department's educators' works as well as the work of guest instructors from abroad, in the master class workshops are put on the stage.[...] ENKA Auditorium ENKA Sanat info@enkasanat.org

14 April Tue. 20:30

Bald Singer

Concert @ENKA Auditorium

add 2020-04-14 20:30:00 2020-04-14 21:30:00 Europe/Istanbul Bald Singer Bald Singer, written by Eugène Ionesco, the most well-known author of the absurd theatre, was written in 1950 and rehashed in 1957, and played throughout the world from this date to the present in every period. The play mainly focuses on linguistic contrasts and language's inability to communicate. ArtNiyet that is the reunion of the young people who have done theatre in BUO in the 1980s aims to play the modern classics of the theatre starting from Bald Singer.[...] ENKA Auditorium ENKA Sanat info@enkasanat.org

21 April Tue. 20:30

Borusan Quartet & Can Çakmur

Concert @ENKA Auditorium

add 2020-04-21 20:30:00 2020-04-21 21:30:00 Europe/Istanbul Borusan Quartet & Can Çakmur In this concert, Borusan Quartet will perform with young pianist Can Çakmur, the winner of the Scottish International Piano Competition (2017) and Hamamatsu International Piano Competition (2018). Çakmur, who played in 43rd Istanbul Music Festival's opening, will will be performing Dvořák’s Piano Quintet with Borusan Quartet.  [...] ENKA Auditorium ENKA Sanat info@enkasanat.org