about us

ENKA Sanat has started the culture and art activities in 1984 by giving ENKA Science and Art Awards and supporting successful artists from different branches of art. It organized its first event in 1989 at the Open-Air Theater. In 1999, it added the Auditorium to its venues, in 2002 it added the Art Gallery, and it diversified activities and spread them throughout the year with this way. For 32 years, it hosted more than 300 concerts, more than 360 theatre plays, more than 120 exhibitions, close to 300 movie screenings, more than 50 dance and performance; it brought together about 7,000 artists and more than 60,000 art lovers. Today, it continues to deliver innovative examples from different branches of art such as performing arts, music, cinema and plastic arts to art lovers in its activities and opens its doors to young talents as well as pioneering and experienced artists. ENKA Sanat, which continues its activities under the umbrella of ENKA Foundation, also provides support to institutions with various collaborations and sponsorship activities.