ENKA Sanat

ENKA Sanat has started the culture and art activities in 1984 by giving ENKA Science and Art Awards and supporting successful artists from different branches of art. It organized its first event in 1989 at the Open-Air Theater. In 1999, it added the Auditorium to its venues, in 2002 it added the Art Gallery, and it diversified activities and spread them throughout the year with this way. For 32 years, it hosted more than 300 concerts, more than 360 theatre plays, more than 120 exhibitions, close to 300 movie screenings, more than 50 dance and performance; it brought together about 7,000 artists and more than 60,000 art lovers. Today, it continues to deliver innovative examples from different branches of art such as performing arts, music, cinema and plastic arts to art lovers in its activities and opens its doors to young talents as well as pioneering and experienced artists. ENKA Sanat, which continues its activities under the umbrella of ENKA Foundation, also provides support to institutions with various collaborations and sponsorship activities.


What did they say ?

“Acting at ENKA is Such a Great Pleasure.” Haldun Dormen- Actor, Author, Director, Drama Coach.

We have been working together with ENKA Culture Arts ever since it began its activities. I have been at the Open Theatre and Auditorium stages with all plays that I performed and directed. I am very happy that ENKA Culture Arts makes the theatre, music and other branches of the arts accessible. Back in the day, all plays by the conservatory of arts were put on the ENKA stage. This not only boosted the morale and selfconfidence of young actors, but also allowed for the ENKA audience to watch promising artists at the beginning of their careers. This went on year after year and now those young artists of the time get on the ENKA stage with their own theatre troupes. ENKA Culture Arts is what made it possible. ENKA Culture Arts brings together artists with a worthy audience at both the Open Theatre and the Auditorium. This makes us actors enjoy our work even more on the stage. Acting at ENKA is such a great pleasure. Over the years, ENKA has brought together such excellent projects with its audience. I could wholeheartedly say that ENKA has the potential to establish a theatre troupe or band, or use its knowledge and experience to set up a drama school.

“For me ENKA Means Getting to See Works of Art That Are New, Daring And High-Quality at The Same Time.” Tilbe Saran- Actress, Voice Artist, Drama Coach.

For a long time now, I have been following ENKA Culture Arts’ around-the-year events. I watched and performed many plays during the theatre festival. In consequence of plays that have made a splash that year are selected for ENKA Cultural Encounters and the most extraordinary works are supported at international theatre festivals, for me ENKA means getting to see works of art that are new, daring and high-quality at the same time. With the series of distinguished concerts, ENKA ensures both quality and innovation in music just as it does in theatre. This allows us to access work of art beyond popular mediocrity.

At this point, my expectation from ENKA, both for society, and myself is that it continues to act successfully as a bridge between society and modern works of art.

“For years, ENKA has been making a commendable effort to offer its audiences quality works in every branch of the arts.” Genco Erkal- Actor, Director.

I have been organizing events in collaboration with ENKA since 1997- a total of 21 years. Every season, we perform the plays we put on for ENKA audiences in the Open Air Theatre in the summer and in the Auditorium in the winter. Sometimes we also hold artistic conversations before the performances, with question and answer sessions with students. For years, ENKA has been making a commendable effort to offer its audiences quality works in every branch of the arts. By hosting our artistic productions in its theatres frequently from time to time, it also brings us together with a select audience. I hope it continues its activitie

“A lot of Turkish performers have been able to find a platform for presenting their art through ENKA.” Fazıl Say- Pianist and Composer.

I have had a long-term relationship with ENKA ever since I gave the opening concert at the Auditorium in 1999. Every year we organise at least two concerts – one in the open air and the other in the closed auditorium. ENKA’s concerts have a thirty year-old tradition of introducing people to music and art. I think this is very important for Turkey. In the summer, especially, we have organised concerts with ENKA that have reached wide audiences. Sometimes I have given solo concerts and sometimes I have taken part in various projects alongside young artists, actors and musicians. These concerts have attracted a lot of public interest. What ENKA has been doing for 30 years is very important for art and especially for Turkish performers. A lot of Turkish performers have been able to find a platform for presenting their art through ENKA. With its summer and winter projects, I believe it makes a great contribution to the cultural and artistic life of Istanbul. These concerts are important occasions for putting interesting projects before the public and for the value placed on performers of the arts. As the artistic community, we are very grateful to ENKA for everything it has done so far. Our only desire and expectation is for it to keep doing this for many more decades.

“ENKA is a Very Important Asset That Lies at the Roots of Many People That Are Well-Known for Their Art.” Demet Evgar- Actress

I was a 3rd grade student at the conservatory and at that time, Haldun Dormen used to teach 3rd and 4th grade classes. He had put on stage the plays that were successfully performed by Dormen Theatre previously, with us, students, in front of the audience as if we were professionals. We were all eager to become a 3rd grade to have this experience. It was with this wonderful experience that I met with ENKA Sanat. I mean it was the first professional stage on which I ever performed in İstanbul… It was an enormous thing that ENKA offered us such a wonderful opportunity. ENKA Sanat is, first and foremost, a really magical place that gives the credit of its story. It has never ignored the purpose and goal for which it was established. It is a very important asset that lies at the roots of many people that are well-known for their art. When I look at my friends with whom I went on that stage for the first time and see what precious things they are still doing for this country enthusiastically, I am smiling again with all my heart. I look at myself in those photographs and give thanks once again for my excitement which is still with me now. One of my friends has become head of department, and with some of them I have shared the same stage for years… Now I understand much better how much good it did us to appear on that stage and appreciate more for the traces of our dear teacher Haldun Dormen on every step we have taken. Now after many years, I’m going back to the ENKA stage. Demet of 20 years ago will greet me there. It’s feelings like this that people live for and I feel so happy! There is something else I should mention that from that day until today, ENKA’s doors have always been open to us, we were always aware of that. That’s where I gave my first big concert for example. It gives me great pleasure as a citizen of this country to see what a great team they have and how they always work in a way that befits their reputation. I really enjoy keeping up with the events as an audience as well. ENKA Sanat, I am so glad we have you.

“ENKA Arts is currently supporting the İstanbul Music Festival and Theater Festival organized by İKSV. In addition to the financial support it provides, ENKA is contributing to the festival with the ENKA Open Air Theater and ENKA Auditorium.” Görgün Taner, General Director, İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV)

ENKA Arts is one of the most well-established art institutions in our country. The cooperation between ENKA and İKSV has a history of almost 40 years, when İKSV staged its first concert in 1984 with the support of ENKA. ENKA Arts is currently supporting the İstanbul Music Festival and Theater Festival organized by İKSV. In addition to the financial support it provides, ENKA is contributing to the festival with the ENKA Open Air Theater and ENKA Auditorium. Recently, our collaborations with ENKA Arts especially in the field of theater have been particularly prominent, for which we have organized interviews and panels together. Finally, ENKA Arts and İKSV have participated in “Ortak Yapım (Co-Production)” project launched by five major art institutions in support of the production of new plays during the pandemic. Culture and arts have been deeply affected by the pandemic, at least as much as the food and drink, and travel and accommodation sectors. According to UNESCO data, the global music industry suffered a loss of USD 10 billion last year. Many orchestras, theater groups and museums have irreversibly disappeared from our lives in this period. Significant financial support has been provided to the creative industries, especially in European countries. In this period, all art institutions and artists have turned to digital events. In the postpandemic period, digital broadcasts will continue, along with physical events, as they increase the accessibility of art.

The Co-Production project was designed to open up spaces for creativity in the world of theater, which has suffered greatly during the pandemic. A selection committee chose five playwrights to be supported within the scope of the project, with open calls made for a further five scripts. These ten resulting plays will be staged by five art institutions in the upcoming period and thus they will be added to our theater repertoire. By producing and staging these plays and meeting the related expenses, the involved institutions will breathe new life and bring dynamism into our theater world as it has been going through a difficult period. I firmly believe that this inter-institutional cooperation and solidarity will develop further in the post-pandemic period. The available resources will become more and more valuable. For this reason, common and efficient approaches should be sought. Considering the projects implemented in the long-term increases the effect. In terms of planning, in the post-pandemic world what we will need the most are ways of making the future more predictable. Maintaining inter-institutional cooperation and dialogue in the post-pandemic period will have a positive effect on all actors in the sector.