ENKA Foundation

ENKA Foundation was established in 1983 with the fundamental mission of raising individuals who are trained in an environment in which sports, education, culture and the arts are intertwined and who keep up with contemporary developments, are productive, ask questions and fulfil their potential. Based on this, ENKA Foundation works to ensure that the youth of Turkey are oriented towards a sporting life, and more broadly to nourish every young person with sports, education, culture and art in order to discover and develop the talents they possess. The organisation gathered under the roof of the ENKA Foundation are: ENKA Sports Club; ENKA Schools İstanbul, which began operating in 1996; ENKA Schools Adapazarı, which started up immediately after the 1999 earthquake in order to provide education to children affected by the earthquake; Private ENKA Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which started teaching in Kocaeli in 2008; Private ENKA Science and Technology High School, also in Kocaeli and has been operating since 2014, and lastly ENKA Arts.


from Şarık Tara..

“Development consists of more than electricity and highways; it is necessary to develop an educational and cultural infrastructure. A cultural infrastructure is the most essential element of all social, financial and economic effords. Nothing is possible without culture. The continuity of humanity, of families and of nations occurs only through culture. The means to establish a general culture is education. We established the ENKA Foundation with this in mind.”

In 1989, we started a culture program at the Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex for ENKA employees and athletes. We collaborated with universities and art institutions in Istanbul to organize these programs. We thought that these programs could encourage our young people seek out cultural and artistic activities, to develop good habits and  essentially to strengthen the environment of solidarity among athletes- families- managers and trainers that is requirement for success. These programs developed over time, and with the establishment of a school at the Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex, they began to serve students and teachers as well. Our facility in İstinye became an important venue for tournaments. At the moment, our summer programs at the Open-Air Theater and our winter programs at the Auditorium attract large audiences. ENKA Culture and Art has become an important art center; tickets sell out quickly, and the shows and concerts are performed for a full house.

The ENKA Foundation works to ensure the continuity of art, to support art institutions and to reach larger audiences. For years the foundation has been under the cabaple leadership of Gül Mimaroğlu. (Şarık Tara in His Own Words, Writers: Çiğdem Tüzün, 2016)