theater Theater
12 February - 16 April

The Passion for Theater for 31 Years

The passion for theater continues at ENKA for 31 years. Besides the activities being performed traditionally by ENKA Culture and Arts, the leading theater plays of the season are saluting the audience between February 12-April 15.  

So, what is awaiting us in “Theater Meetings” by ENKA Culture and Arts? The program launches with the director week in February, and the curtain opens by the plays “Profesyonel (Professional)” and “Kör Baykuş (Blind Owl)” directed by master director Işıl Kasapoğlu who is dedicated to theater for 41 years. Then the program continues with the plays of “Meçhul Paşa (Unidentified Pasha)”Yüzleşme (Talk About the Passion) ve “Kıyı (Littoral)” that staged their premier and still attract high audience. The plays of  “1984-Büyük Gözaltı (1984-Big Detention)”“Zebercet” and “Persona” adapted by grand master authors and “Tırnak İçinde Hizmetçiler (The Maids in Inverted Commas) inspired by French writer Jean Genet allow us to look at values of the past through today’s window. The modern dance performance “disLOKASYON (disLOCATION)” introducing themselves as the chorus of movements adds the difference into the program. Our perpetual actor Genco Erkal crowns the “Theater Meetings” with his play “Merhaba (Hello)” where he directs and plays. Our traditionalized concert “Neşeli Pazarlar (Happy Sundays)” of Barış için Müzik Orchestra (Music for Peace Orchestra) and our own production “Çiğdem Erken’le Sahneden Aşk Şarkıları (Love Songs on The Stage with Çiğdem Erken)” on World Theater Day are also the other activities in the program. ENKA Culture and Arts will host the panel of “Bize Bir Tiyatro Müzesi Gerek (We Need a Theater Museum)” organized by Turkish Theater Foundation and the esteemed participants will have the chance to meet with the theater lovers. We look forward to meeting you on the day where we will feel the associative power of arts.