Ticket – Online Reservation


– ENKA Sanat event tickets can be purchased at Biletix box offices, biletix.com website and ENKA Foundation offices or ticket office on the day of the event with a reservation term on enkasanat.org website before.

– Tickets purchased can only be returned for cancellation or change of date. Transactions about returns and changings should be made by the announcement about the cancellation/date change on the website.

– ENKA Sanat reserves the right to make changes to the program for reasons not available. – The viewers who have discounted tickets must keep their valid ID or documents with them; otherwise, they must pay the difference and buy a full ticket.

– ENKA Sanat pays copyright to MESAM and MSG for all events.


Important Information

– Audiences should arrive in time to the show and should not have a bag which is larger than the handbag for security reasons.

– In the meantime, the audience who arrives late is allowed in the break time of the theatre performance if there is, and the first appropriate time of concerts, dance, and performances. Otherwise, it is not allowed.

– Recording with a camera, photographic apparatus, mobile phone and any type of recording device are prohibited during the demonstrations.

– Mobile phones must be turned off or silent during the event.

– Children under the age of 7 are not allowed except for the recommended shows.

– To ensure that viewers with disabilities, pregnant, etc. can be placed in designated places for these persons in the seating order, they should call 0212 705 60 50 and give information before coming to the event.

– Medical team and ambulance are available in all show venues.

– It is forbidden to enter the event venue with food and drink.